Platinum Play Online Casino Showcases New Real Money Special Offers and Bonuses

Platinum Play, a premium online casino based in Malta is slowly climbing its way to the top spot as it continuously offers the best and most coveted prizes and freebies today. The Internet gambling site is proudly announcing its newest set of special offers and campaigns for punters who are certified members and registered at the site. The 1500 free bets promo is an extremely coveted prize and freebie package for new and existing members of the gaming portal. All members need to register for a real money account in order to be eligible and qualify for the gaming prizes. Players have the choice to either download the software or opt for instant play versions which do not require any downloads.

Upon registration and sign up, players need to log in their online casino real money account and software and click the button that says Start Free Bets. This promo is best for players who want to get cash prizes without any deposits required. There are popular games in the Platinum Play site which punters could choose from. Players need to play for one day so that they could be eligible to play and win as many rewards and winnings they can. The initial credit is a total of 1,500 which is automatically allocated to the player. This means players have extra credits to continue playing until they could get the bonuses and prizes up for grabs.

The New Players Deposit Match Bonus is another anticipated and must try feature at the online real money casino. This campaign is to draw in more players to register and sign up with the site. New players need to buy extra credits for the 1st time and they could enjoy 100% match bonus. This purchase of the extra credit is required before the player could enjoy their match up freebie. To redeem their freebie, they need to use the PP100FREE promotional code and click the button which says CLAIM DEPOSIT BONUS on their downloaded software. The bonus will then be automatically credited to their player bonus account which they can use to play anytime. Visit Platinum Play Casino!

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