The heart of an online casino is its software. All online casinos, whether powered by a Random Number Generator (RNG) or hosted by live dealers, are dependent on one form or another of software. In the case of RNG casinos, the software platform is what oversees and delivers hand outcomes in accordance with the RNG. Both randomness (unpredictability of hands) and fairness (odds) are ensured with a third party-certified RNG, hence the importance of only playing at an online casino powered by a certified software platform.

How Does Online Casino Software Work

Like any software platform, an online casino is a virtual set of instructions that can be read by a computer (hardware). In the case of online casinos, software can either be downloaded or accessed via Flash (no-download, multimedia software).

In the case of downloadable casinos online, these are computer programs that once downloaded, serve as a secondary hard copy of the original software platform, which is hosted on a secure, dedicated server. As for Flash software, it is essentially the same platform; But rather than being downloaded to one’s computer, it is accessed in a “live” state via the server hosting the Flash software platform.

Both versions of software require an internet connection that allows one’s computer or device to interact with the source code and RNG programmed into the primary casino software platform. In theory, one could access downloaded online casino games without a live internet connection. However, one would not be able to wager with real money stakes, as this component is only enabled online.

In addition to accessing and playing casino games with real money, online casino software enables players to deposit and withdraw funds. This is done via a protocol called data encryption, which encrypts data (financial details) into “bits” in an unreadable format while being shared from ones computer with the casino server, then decrypts it back to its original form after being securely transferred. Both financial and personal details are stored on a firewall-protected casino server, which uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to provide secure connections from a web browser to a server and ensure that sensitive data is only being shared with the casino host. This is confirmed by an active SSL Certificate issued by the Certification Authority (CA).

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The following list is a selection of leading platforms specializing in online casino software:

Realtime Gaming
Saucify (BetOnSoft)


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