Online Craps for Real Money

The casino game of Craps is not the most sought after game at casinos online. However, it is arguably the most exciting casino game played in person at a brick ’n mortar casino. The atmosphere, camaraderie and overall crowd participation involved at physical casinos playing Craps for real money is a hard concept to replicate online even with today’s advancements in software. As such, Craps is probably the one casino game that players would enjoy better with a few more technological advancements, such as that of live dealer technology, which will very likely be the next game addition for live dealer casino platforms.

Because there are several styles of Craps played for real money, ranging from formal to street gaming, Craps continues to draw interest – which is precisely why it is available online. And now that internet gambling is a mainstream activity, playing Craps online for real money is available at just about every reputable online casino.

Choosing the Right Type of Craps Game (Casino Software)

Interestingly enough, even though the rules governing Craps at brick ‘n mortar casinos are very close – if not the same – to online versions, there are some things about this game that play out differently on the internet. For one, some real money online casinos allow certain wagers you’d be very hard-pressed to find at land-based casinos.

For example, online casinos have been known to offer Place Bets to Lose wagers, which are the reverse concept of Place Bets wagers. These types of wagers actually play-out better online when not in the presence of other players who may become disgruntled when using this wager in their presence. As mentioned, Craps is inherently an interactive game. But less interaction provided by casinos online help make certain types of wagers less daunting.

There are a couple software platforms offering Craps that stand out for various reasons. For the most part, you will find that one aspect is traded in for another when switching from software to software platform and casino to casino. Some are more interactive, while others provide additional wagers with, perhaps, lower house odds and so on. When playing Craps for real money online, it’s recommended you go with the casino that provides the best wagers.

Microgaming (currently not open to European players) provides three Bet to Lose wagers and they are the three bets with the lowest House Edge (other than backing odds on a Pass Line): Lose on 4 or 10 (pays 2 to 5), Lose on 5 or 10 (pays 4 to 7), and Lose on 6 or 8 (pays 4 to 5). All three of these Craps wagers land between a 1.82 and 3.03% house edge. You do not typically find this at brick ’n mortar casinos. Microgaming software is straightforward and the Bet to Lose wagers are a highlight.

European player friendly, Realtime Gaming (RTG) software addresses the complexity of Craps in the fact that there are a lot of wagers, typically decided within one roll for outcome, yet players are potentially wagering on the outcome of multiple rolls (contract bets). There’s a nice Help and Options feature directly on the screen that you can swiftly access as you play. RTG has more animation, screen size options and other nuances than other software platforms. For example, the dice bounce off the wall to display the outcome.

Additionally, there are some variances in commissions from online to land-based Craps action. The commission paid on Buy and Lay bets is often different at online casinos, so be sure you have complete understanding regarding all terms, conditions, rules and regulations from casino to casino. If you like playing these bets, make certain they are available. No matter which online casino you play real money Craps at, the table will look inherently the same, and the Pass Line bet (to back odds with), will be available. Remember, this is the bet that provides the lowest House Edge on the Craps table, period.

Money Management and Casino Bonuses (Considerations)

Like playing any casino game, whether playing Craps online for real money or with free tokens, your personal bankroll is a large component in achieving successful game play. Understanding your budget and various Craps wagers is a key factor in your ability to play at he best level possible. Craps is a complex game.

You should know that many online casino bonuses, such as Welcome Bonuses and other various ongoing promotions exclude Craps from eligibility unless they are specifically touted to include Craps. This information can be found by digging deep in the promotion’s terms and conditions. Should Craps be included in a real money casino bonus, wagering requirements do exist and you will have to wager the value of the bonus 20-50 times over before being permitted to withdraw funds from bonus winnings. What’s more, each casino game itself, especially table games, count at different percentage rates towards meeting such wagering requirements.

Craps wagering comes with better overall odds than playing game of basic chance like slots, keno and scratch cards online. That is why bonuses are lighter on benefits, if any, with casino games like Craps. It is highly advisable that if you are playing Craps online for real money that you bypass taking on Deposit Match Bonuses, Welcome Bonuses and such, unless the bonus is specifically geared toward Craps with reasonable wagering requirements. Playing with your own money will eliminate meeting stringent requirements or misunderstandings, as well as aid you in properly managing your budget straightaway. Bottom line, make certain you completely understand the requirements of any “freebies” before you deposit.

Playing casino games from home is extremely convenient and beneficial in the sense that it can forgo certain aspects of peer pressure when at a land-based casino. While it is almost impossible to match the convenience of playing real money games online from home, its also practically impossible to get the same atmosphere playing Craps online as you would in a land-based casino. Real money Craps online is best suited for players  who are looking for good odds – using strategic betting to improve their chances of winning.


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