Putin Seeks to Criminalize Online Gambling in Russia

Russia online gamblingThe Ukraine Crisis put a damper on many things - most notably, the The Global Olympic Glow. Not surprisingly, the warming Olympic atmosphere turned much colder when Russia’s harsh “peace-keeping” in the delicate democracy solidified the west’s concerns that Russia’s government is beginning the long, hard journey of the proverbial deep-end. Continue reading

Online Gambling: Why Americans did not Develop Problem Gambling

A study conducted by a group of researchers in University at Buffalo revealed that there has been no significant increase in problem gambling in the past ten years. The study was being manned by three (3) of the reputable researchers headed by John W. Welte, a senior research scientist at the Research Institute on Addictions or the RIA at the University at Buffalo. Continue reading

Maryland Bodog Prosecution to be Extradited, Prosecutors Confirmed

An extradition of the Maryland Bodog prosecution has been called for following two years since a federal grand jury indicted the company. The online gambling giant Bodog Entertainment Group is the sports betting company allegedly linked with money laundering and illegal gaming. The case was filed against Bodog founder Calvin Ayre along with four other Canadians. Continue reading


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