Maryland Bodog Prosecution to be Extradited, Prosecutors Confirmed

An extradition of the Maryland Bodog prosecution has been called for following two years since a federal grand jury indicted the company. The online gambling giant Bodog Entertainment Group is the sports betting company allegedly linked with money laundering and illegal gaming. The case was filed against Bodog founder Calvin Ayre along with four other Canadians. In the present, the case has been made so much clearer with the docketing of the U.S. attorney assistant’s letter sent to the case’s presiding judge. U.S. Attorney Richard Kay sent the letter to U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake. According to sources, Kay along with the defendants has the intent to continue to find resolution that will not require the extradition of the case defendants.

Sources revealed that Kay wrote in his letter that he is pursuing extradition of those involved in the case. Moreover, Bodog created under the Costa Rican law may be a huge factor that could affect the length of time of the extradition. This is also apparently the factor which could basically influence the extradition process for the Canadians who are likewise included in the allegations. The Canadians according to the letter are living in Antigua and Canada as it seemed in the report. Due to such factors, the extradition process could definitely take years to take effect. During the time of processing the extradition, Kay suggested in his letter that the case be administratively closed until further proceedings are needed.

The individuals and company involved in the money laundering and illegal online gambling activities include Ayre, Bodog, David Ferguson, Derrick Maloney, and James Phillip. Phillip was the accountant of the company, Ferguson the ecommerce chief and controller, and Maloney, the media buyer. The accused are allegedly running an unregulated and illegal Internet sports wagering business in a span of 2005 to 2012. The named accused are likewise facing allegations of moving at least 100 million USD. The figure is supposedly for payment of winners as well as advertisers in the U.S. The amount is supposedly coming from the accounts of Bodog in Malta, Canada, England, Switzerland, and elsewhere.

Collated evidences utilized for the indictment of the accused came from an ex-employee of Bodog who helped in the process of building the case. The evidences also described the operations of the company in a multi-national scale. Moreover, the ex-employee positively identified his top executives who are involved in the case. Those who are accused will be facing at least five years in prison if convicted on grounds of illegal gambling. Moreover, when proven guilty for money laundering, the convicted parties will be given 20 years sentences. Bodog on the other hand will face $1 million fine maximum if proven guilty.

According to Ayre, Internet gaming is quite legal under the global or international laws and this is quite clear. The Bodog exec also referred to the indictment as an abuse. He stressed that it is also a form of abuse particularly of the criminal justice system of the United States. Based on insider sources, is a domain which has been seized under the warrant of the federal government as issued when the indictment of the case was handed down. Thus, all other operations of the site were now transferred to other domains under the Bodog management and operations.

The Internet gaming industry is now undergoing a lengthy and comprehensive probe. The Maryland federal authorities are doing extensive efforts in order to implement the processes. Moreover, the Bodog indictment is considered the latest installment of the probe. The investigation is sometimes conducted in pairs or tandems with their New York counterpart. Gambling sites such as Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker are just two of the sites recently prosecuted as the result of this inquiry. The federal government is clear about its mission in revamping and cleaning up the system of regulated and legalized Internet betting in Maryland and the country as a whole.

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  1. It’s beyond me how the U.S. thinks it’s rights and laws supersede every other nation on earth. A company in Canada that establishes a gambling site there and pays taxes there, where it is legal, is perfectly within its rights under Canadian law. If the U.S. does not want to allow its citizens to have access to gambling web sites established in other countries, then it can block access just the way China or any other dictatorial country does. But it doesn’t mean the U.S. can prosecute and throw other countries citizens in jail when they haven’t violated U.S. law. It really just boils down to the fact that the U.S., which incarcerates more of its own citizens than any other country in the world, just wants every tax dollar it can get. Even if it means penalizing other nations citizens.

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