New Simulated Online Gambling Offer Product of Partnership

Game Account Network confirmed its partnership with another online gambling giant, Empire City Casino. GAN is an enterprise grade B2B developer and provider based in London. As an expert in business to business Internet gaming content, the company has successfully debuted another website for Simulated Gaming. The company collaborated with New York based and Yonkers, Empire City Casino this time around. Earlier in 2014, Game Account Network also introduced a similar Internet facility featuring pay-to-play or free-to-play designs. The Simulated Gaming platform powered the Internet facility launched for Foxwoods Resort Casino. Best known as a hotel casino complex from Connecticut based Mashantucket Pequot Native American, the property expressed their excitement about this venture.

Dermot Smurfit, Chief Executive Officer of GAN told the press that he is delighted with the initial and early output of the Simulated Gaming products of the company for 2014. The Simulated Gaming technology of GAN likewise successfully boosted the visits of customers at terrestrial or land based casinos. GAN’s platform has also generated considerable income for the industry and its host state through the new Internet channel. The Simulated Gaming from GAN works like an Internet casino game based in social networks. This way, players could engage more in wagering on games with the use of virtual casino money instead of real money as bets.

However, not like the typical games players could access through social networks, the Simulated Gaming technology is connected with land based casinos to guarantee its free-to-play version. Moreover, land based casinos will be able to offer free-to-play versions of the game in the conventional game floors. There are daily playing credits furnished for players which could also be used as virtual wagers or money acceptable for simulated casino games. In case the free play credits of customers run out, the player could simply resume playing for free after 24 hours. The player account could receive a fresh supply of complimentary credits the following day.

On the other hand, players who have collated the needed number of credits or have bought the required credits will be qualified for the VIP Club. Players can also gain access to exclusive games offered via the VIP section. Those who received reward points can also collect and eventually redeem the points for incentives. The redeemable points are offered through the VIP Club rewards program of land based casino partners. As to the Empire City Casino, the other entity of the partnership is a major destination for gaming entertainment. Empire City Casino is also known as Empire City Yonkers Raceway based in Yonkers, New York. The company is currently under the ownership of Yonkers Racing Corp.

Empire City online gambling features are powered and operated under the GAN technology. The site currently offers a repertoire of free-to-play versions of games such as slots and other casino table titles. The Class III slot games at Empire City’s game floor are offered in a wide assortment of selection. Some of the top gaming software developers that created the Empire City games include Konami, Ainsworth, Multimedia Games, and Incredible Tech. the Internet based games are directly delivered through the Nevada hosted GAN gaming platform. Although the mobile gaming site offers a free-to-play version, Empire City requires identity and age verification when signing up players. Requirements include legal age for players as stated in the legal provisions for gaming.

All verified members will have their official account that is also connected with the Empire Club Rewards Program of the online gambling site. Registrants could use their rewards membership details when signing up for the site. All reward points are credited on the basis of buying playing bets or credits with transactions made via Empire city website. Moreover, the mechanics of membership states that the reward points will not be based on the playing activity results of the member on the site. All reward points will be awarded to the account holder by the 4th quarter of the current year.

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  1. It seems like a no-brainer that all established brick and mortar casinos would want to partner with a gaming network for simulated gaming. A lot of people like to gamble but are timid about gambling with real money online. By establishing a free play account online, players could become comfortable with a casino at which point they would likely try gambling with real money. And then naturally the casino would benefit. Players would be more likely to trust an established brick and mortar rather than a website that they know nothing about. And tying in a rewards program as a bonus incentive is another excellent draw to keep players coming back. I would expect that GAN will be able to establish a lot of new business with existing casinos, especially casinos that already have a trusted reputation.

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