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There is one element of a Random Number Generator (RNG) online casino that some players can’t get around, and that’s the idea that you play against a computer and not with a live dealer. Certainly, there are some games that don’t change much whether played online or in a land-based casino, i.e. slots and video poker machines, which do not have dealers to begin with.

However, when it comes to table games, the RNG acts as the dealer. And while the actual playing experience is live – happening in real time, so to speak – there is no live interaction with a dealer or other players. This is an annoyance with those players searching for a more social gaming experience (although this is beginning to change with the advent of social casinos on Facebook). And yet, the bigger issue for most of these players is a distrust of RNG’s. While there is no grounding for such a concern when pertaining to an RNG-tested and certified software platform, the live dealer experience nonetheless offers players the opportunity to watch the actual shuffling of decks, the spinning of the roulette wheel and their own hand of cards being dealt while being able to interact with an attractive and friendly dealer.

Highest rated Live Dealer Online Casinos:

8881. 888 Casino - 888 offers cutting edge live dealer Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and Hold’em Poker and one of the best selections of live dealer promotions of any live casino online. Win a share of 3,000 credits every Saturday and up to 1,200 Free on VIP Blackjack tables.

Bet3653. Bet 365 – With help from the highly innovative Playtech Software platform, Bet365 offers an outstanding of live dealer games (and live dealers), including Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Asian Sic Bo and Poker Hold’em.

The technology that makes live online casino gambling possible amounts to a sophisticated video production studio, powerful and secure Web servers for handling real-time video/audio streaming, and a software platform integrated with video feeds and live chat – In short, a betting interface designed for live play. The cards used are oversized (as are table markings) so as to aid players viewing from small computer screens. There are at least two cameras covering the action at tables – an overhead camera offering a bird’s-eye-view, and a frontal camera facing the dealer. In the case of Roulette, a third camera is positioned on the rim of the roulette wheel, used for verifying the final resting spot of the ball.

On the player’s end, all that is required is a high-speed internet connection and enough computer RAM space to handle live video streaming without interruption.

Today’s leading live dealer casinos are essentially brick ‘n mortar casinos in their own right. As is the case with RNG software, most online casinos license live gambling technology from third party companies – the leaders of with include Evolution Gaming, Visionairy iGaming and Amaya. The best RNG software platforms, such as Microgaming and Playtech, now have live dealer platforms of their own.

Top Live Dealer Casino Games

Currently, only the most popular casino table games are available in live mode, including Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette – and at select casinos – Sic Bo and Mahjong Paigow.  Although Roulette is not a card game, per say, the live action of the spinning wheel and slower pace of the game makes for the perfect live gambling experience.

Of all the table games that are not offered in live mode, Craps is certainly the one game that players miss the most. Considering all the activity that takes place around a Craps table, the logistics of developing live dealer Craps tables has proven more difficult. However, with increased demand, live dealer craps will assuredly become available. The fact is that live dealer gaming is still a relatively new mode of remote gaming.

Other Live Gambling Options

Poker is the king of social gambling games and for the true poker player, a game that must be played against other live players. While most casinos do offer table game versions of poker, online poker is only offered by those gambling operators who have invested in special software to run an online poker room.  In an online poker room, you’ll sit down at the virtual table to play against real players in real time. The action ranges from microstakes at pennies a hand to high stakes with hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single pot. Online play is a sure way to increase your poker skill and test yourself against the best without ever leaving home.

Online sports betting offers another component of gambling live that is referred to as In-Play wagering. Real time wagering to the nth degree, In-play bets cover events that are happening in the moment (as much as is realistically possible), such as penalty kicks, field goals, free throws and other common events that take place in sports games.

Live Dealer Online Casinos

As mentioned, today’s technology makes live online casino play a reality; However, the number of casinos offering live games, other than online poker, while growing, is relatively small. Furthermore, due to regulatory setbacks, live dealer online casinos (reputable and licensed destinations) are not available to U.S. residents. The good news is that the best Euro and UK casinos in business are offering live dealer games. Some of these include 888Casino, Bet365 and select online casinos powered by Microgaming and Playtech Software.


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