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In the section Online Casino Reviews we are dedicated to helping you sort through various online casino reviews to really be able to differentiate what casinos are reputable and secure, and which ones are not worth your time. There are several different aspects to consider when choosing which casino you would like to spend your time and money at. The first and most important component would have to be who licenses the casino. The other very important aspects are the payout percentage and software company. There are also a couple more things to consider including the hit ratio, game layout, and overall ratings of the casino. This section will take you step by step through all of these issues so you will have no problem finding the right casino for you.
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License Information:

You may be wondering why the license is so important. Not only do licenses signify that a casino is established and secure, but also that it is a safe place to wager your money. They can even come from the government these days, but mostly come from off shore regions. Acquiring an online casino license is a rather lengthy process so you know that if the casino you are playing at is licensed then it is a reputable establishment that cares about their clients. Once these licenses are distributed the casino is subjected to regular assessments of how it is operating. Online casinos are a business. You would not give your financial information to an online store that you did not trust, so why would you give your money to an online casino that you didn't trust. The most secure licenses come from Antigua, which coincidently is known as the birthplace of online gambling. Other very reputable regions are Costa Rica, Dominica, Curacao and the Caribbean. There are also other very prominent online gambling licenses including the Alderney Gambling Commission, Isle of Man, and Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Online Gambling licenses were established to improve the quality and service of the industry. There is no way to do adequate online casino business anymore without obtaining a license from one of these reputable companies or countries. This license certifies that the establishment is following guidelines and focusing on the tools necessary to provide their clients with the best gambling experience online. Online gambling license do three things: Establish trust between the casino and the client, help to process payments more efficiently, and keep the casino operating legally.

Software Company:

The software company that provides the layout and site for your casino is very important. Not only is this company in charge of how the casino is set up, it is also in charge of how the games are played. The three best online casino companies are RealTime Gaming, PlayTech and Microgaming. These companies have been around for a very long and are all pioneers in the industry. Between the three of them they have invented the layout for almost every online casino game. One thing that all of these companies have in common is the addition of Random Number Generation (RNG). Every game at one of these casinos is embedded with RNG. What RNG does is ensure that the game you are playing with is completely safe and random. Online casinos use the computational method of RNG which is achieved through complex formulas and algorithms. In a Brick and Mortar the physical method is performed with dice rolls, cards, dealt and wheels spun. The computational method was only invented to mimic the physical method. RNG will put any doubt in your head aside because you will know that there is no way the machine has been "tightened" or the casino is "cheating". RN is audited by the Technical Systems Testing (TST) on a regular basis also, so you have extra assurance.

Payout Percentage:

Payout percentage is the amount of money a casino pays out compared to the amount of money the casino takes in. Say for instance an online casino takes in $500,000 in one month and has a payout percentage of 95%. This means that the casino will pay out $475,000 in prizes. Now this does not mean that just one person will win this amount of money. All wagers as a whole will win this amount of money all together. This is a very important factor to consider. Online Casinos are a business so they must compete with other businesses in their filed. Many of them have very high payout percentages. You can even find some payout percentages as high as 99%. Although this is extremely rare and should be played at with caution, I like to stick between 94% and 98%. Payout percentage is a very significant factor when it comes to online casino reviews and almost always will be displayed. Don't settle for a review without this number or a casino that doesn't provide you with this information. Also do not settle for a casino that has a percentage lower that 90%.

As stated earlier there a just a few other secondary items to consider when trying to find the right online casino for you.

Hit Ratio

Hit Ratio falls under the category of payout percentage, but is a tad bit different. Hit ratio is the actual amount of times a casino will hit in a given period of time. Hit ratio and payout percentage are two key factors in determining a casino's rating.

Game Layout

Another very important factor is the game layouts. This falls under the software used, but it is very important to enjoy the specific games you are looking for. Slots are very big market for the online gambling community. There can sometimes be over 50 different varieties of slots in one single casino so it is important to really know which kind you prefer before you try to play all of them. A very easy and efficient way to do this is by looking through Luckyfreeslots online casino reviews. There are plenty of great review sites, but this one is very reputable and one that many experts use.

Overall Ratings

Many unbiased and expert ratings and reviews can be found online. There are certain sites that their only purpose is to provide information on online casinos. Pay attention to this number as it can be a great way to determine if you want to play at the casino.


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