Online Slots for Real Money

Playing for Keeps

Slots are easily the most popular online casino game, whether playing for real money or not. However, since online casinos began taking real money wagers on slots, the popularity has exploded to new heights. There are several reasons to love slots, just as there are several reasons to not. Some players consider slots to be a waste of time, and yet the highest amounts of money won at casinos online have come from slot game jackpots. Even though slots are widely considered to be the polar opposite of most any skill-based casino games, real money slots have some strategy to consider in regards to responsibly managing one’s bankroll.

Choosing the Right Type of Online Slot

Before you start to wager on slots with real money, you’ll want to understand the different types of slot machines and games. Please note that you will be able to play many slots at online casinos in free mode should you need to beforehand. However, you will find the most available forms and widest variety of slots when playing with real money.

Additionally, the continued development of software enables online casinos to provide players with the most realistic virtual gaming atmosphere and entertainment possible, including 3D technologies. Slots were among the first casino games to boast 3D technology, which coupled with an advanced graphic design, creates the illusion of a realistic casino.

Classic Slots – The oldest variety of slots today – yet still popular for their simplicity and old-school feel – there’s not a lot to this type of slot. Classic slots have themes like any slot game, yet they pose the least amount of features.

Video Slots – The first real technological advancement made coming out of the casino slot analog era was the deployment of video. With online video slots, when a player presses the button, the game takes place in a video format, much like a video game. Online, this is not too different than playing a video slot in a land-based casino.

Progressive Slots – The most popular, if not the most attractive slot money-wise, progressive slots provide the highest jackpots of any slot due to the fact that they are linked electronically to each other across a broad network of players. Linked machines basically pool player wagers together, and every person playing adds to it when making a real money wager. Offering potential wins in the millions of dollars, progressive slots come with terrible odds when it comes to the big jackpot. There are, however, many lesser prizes to be won. All online casinos have current progressive jackpot amounts featured directly in their virtual lobby, thus attracting many players.

Online Casino Slot Tournaments

If you do not want to play alone in a bid to win a jackpot singularly, but yet you want something different than trying for a huge progressive jackpot, many online casinos now provide events and tournaments wherein one plays against other participants – the best-performing player winning the top prize and several lesser prizes awarded to other top-performing players.

Slots tournaments are actually a great idea for those who may or may not feel they have bankroll issues. Many online slot tournaments for real money are timed, and players typically pay a flat rate to play in the event where they are allowed to spin until their heart is content or a certain amount of spins has been obtained. Players compete for a set amount of money and prizes – the amount of which is based on overall participation levels (entries). Think poker tournaments. It is the same overall concept. There are many types of tournaments and they are easy to find, especially at slot-based online casinos.

Money Management

As it is with any casino game, your personal budget is important to consider when playing any type of online slots for real money. Slot action can be swift, and one can easily play through a large amount of money in a short period of time. This is especially the case playing slots that have many paylines

Your budget needs to be set with realistic expectations in mind. While all casinos operate using random number generators ensuring fair game play, slots odds are among the least attractive of casino games.

Holding onto realistic expectations, there still is a chance to win large amounts of money. Losing track of your bankroll is easy if you play fast and wager the max bet each time. There’s a fine line between going for gold and understanding the probable outcome.

Slot Strategy

Keeping your play as simple as possible and garnering your bankroll is probably the best advice slot players can adhere to. This is a game of chance, and there is no real decision making that will change the outcome of the result shown on the screen after each spin. Yet there are practices that one can employ to far better enhance real money game play; subsequently lengthening the amount of time spent wagering and the overall experience.

Never deposit more than you can afford in one session.

Consider wagering max bets to enhance jackpot amount, but only play increments of money you can afford to wager each spin at max bet. Have full understanding of your wagering amount.

Set your own deposit limits. Enable any exclusion you may need to ensure you do not play beyond your means. Ask customer service to cap your ability to deposit.

Only play at a casino online that has the types of games you want to play (not solely based on the bonuses and promotions, as these come with requirements).

Slot Bonuses and Promotions

All online casinos taking real money wagers provide players with special offers, perks, promotions and bonuses. While it is important to caution players about requirements attached to these deals, slots typically come with the best, most player-friendly wagering and play-through requirements.

All online casinos have requirements when they give out bonuses. Some casinos provide better stipulations than others. But alas, nothing is for free. What is important to mention is that slots are probably the best casino games to play online as far as bonuses go. In order to access funds from any bonus received, there are wagering requirements that must be met. Certain casino games contribute at a different rate towards accomplishing this. Fortunately, slots usually count at 100% contribution towards meeting wagering requirements.

For example: When an online casino provides you with a 100% deposit match up to $100 during a promotional period, and you deposit $100, the casino will match your $100 at the rate of 100%, effectively making your total deposit $200. Obviously, you cannot simply withdraw this bonus and walk away. One must wager its value a certain amount of times before it becomes free and clear real money. Most casinos impose between a 20-40x wagering requirement, with most coming in at 25x. In this case, you’d have to wager 20x the amount of the bonus money in order to access it by withdrawal. You will always have access to your own contribution, but to get at the bonus, you must risk that amount 25x. On top of this, non slot games usually do not count at 100% contribution when meeting wagering requirements. That said, slots are at least a bit better to play than most other games if you intend on accepting any bonus. Most games of chance like slots, keno and scratch cards, count at 100% contribution, while skill-based games such as video poker and blackjack count the lowest percentage towards meeting the wagering requirement for any bonus to become accessible.

You never have to accept any bonus offer if you want real money play that is free of stipulation.

Keep in mind that when it comes to slots, yes you have the biggest jackpots potentially in play. Yet, this is a game of chance and entertainment value alone should count for something. Keeping these topics in mind and adhering to a planned budget when gambling online whether playing slots for real money is important to your overall experience and outcome.


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