Online Video Poker for Real Money

Playing for Keeps

Considering that playing video poker with real money is much simpler than playing table poker against other players, this rather straightforward game is easily overlook in the respect that, while you can make skilled-based decisions to improve your outcome, game play at video poker moves much faster when you are playing directly against the House.

Many gamblers consider video poker a great alternative to playing more social or interactive casino games online for real money. In fact, like playing slots, there is no interaction with the casino whatsoever when playing video poker.

This is not a casino game of high excitement, but casinos do launch new games often to keep things entertaining. A growing number of multi-hand and bonus video poker games are one such example. Today, many video poker games have themes and bonus rounds to entice players. For “straight shooters”, however, keeping it simple is important. It is worth mentioning that video poker has become widely marketed to players who also like slots.

The truth is that video poker is a great game for those looking for better odds than any basic game of chance, such as slots. Video poker can be a rewarding game when played strategically. However, please be aware of all the options that come with this game which are conducive to over-wagering. Auto Play, Multi Play and other conveniences can become threats to your bankroll. The reality is that there needs to be no rush on your part to play this game well.

Choosing the Right Type of Video Poker Game (Casino Software)

When playing online Video Poker for real money, you will understandably find that many software companies provide the same variations: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Aces and Eights and Jokers Wild among others. And yet, they will also have their own branded names and a few proprietary variations. Finding a favorite won’t be hard, but considering all the different variations can be time consuming.

Microgaming has nearly 20 different online video poker games accepting real money wagers. Microgaming is widely known for its multi-hand video poker concept, wherein bettors can play up to 100 video poker hands at once. While this may seem exciting to some, placing wagers on all active video poker hands can be costly and requires sound strategy skills. However, better rewards are achieved on wagers that are placed in this manner. This is the same for Auto-play capabilities, which many of this platform’s video poker games come enabled with. You will find all the top favorites playing Microgaming’s real money video poker for real money.

Playtech is another casino software platform that provides its casinos with a great selection of over a dozen real money video poker games, including multi-hand games offering play on up to 50 hands at a time. The 50 Line Joker Poker is great at offering 50 simultaneous hands to wager on, but the payouts are only on Kings or Better – and like most massive hand formats, 49 of the 50 hands are very small on your screen. You will also find the game speed to be a bit slower when multi-hands are in motion. Playtech does provide high quality graphics, and the one-hand options are very well received and easy to play. It’s also worth mentioning that the multi-hand games here are some of the easiest to navigate.

Realtime Gaming (RTG) is a US-friendly software provider offering 10 different very popular video poker games – all of which are extremely easy to play and navigate. This is not a software provider known for high amounts of multi-hand games. Most real money Video Poker games from Realtime are 10-hand, with some going as high as 52 hands.

All of the above software platforms provide enough options to keep most any video poker fan from getting bored. And because video poker is often eligible for play-through requirements on online casino bonuses and promotions, you’ll definitely want to look closely at bonuses and promotions.

Money Management and Casino Bonuses (Considerations)

A positive aspect of playing video poker online for real money is that while this online casino game is similar to playing slots in many ways, you have more power over the outcome with skill-based decisions. Still, a watchful eye is needed when playing this game, especially when playing the more extreme styles of real money video poker wherein many wagers and hands are able to be bet at once. Video poker playing options such as Auto-Play, are designed to save you time, but on the other hand, can cause you to play through quite a bit of money without noticing. Thus, it is important that you diligently manage your bankroll while playing this type of poker online.

As mentioned you are able to play Video Poker online for real money while using many bonuses and promotions. All bonuses, whether welcome or reload offers are required to stipulate which games are included. And since Video Poker is not a table game, you can very well extend your bankroll by taking part in many bonuses and promotions available. You will find that some offers are of lesser value than slots-based bonuses. Just be sure to investigate all wagering requirements before you take a bonus.


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